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Two brother starting from home. One with a financial background and one with a web development passion. Helping each other, one with taxes and the other with the website. After some time of strugeling with the manualy doing the financials, they need an affordable platform to do thair financials. And so monycloud was started. The focus lays on helping out starter and small business with thair invoices and other financial aspects. This grow out to tree differnet services. monycloud as an online financial platform, online presence with websites and asistence/advice on taxes for sstarters adn small company's. for taxes for One as a online invoicing and finance service. one is an extra tax service for starters and small business and the third is the online presence.

Our services

Our Skils

The skils where we spend most of our time on and we love to do. Just some of our skils.



Web Development




Keep it simple

That is our motto. We not only want to make monycloud easy to start but also extreamly easy to work with. We keep improving the user experiance by keeping it simple.

Regular updates

We always keep working on monycloud and conliniuasly developing new features and improvements.

More than a platform

It's not all about monycloud. It's about helping starters and small busniess making them work more eficent and have more time doing the things they like.

Wat anderen zeggen over monycloud

Het Ondernemers Steunpunt CEO and Founder

Amazing platform! All-in-one, beautiful design, and really not hard to work with. Highly recommended for any kind of businesses.

w3bApps Operational Lead

Probably the next number one for small business. Very well structured, updates are regular and consistent, prpoper technical support available. Well done! Designer

Easy to start, easy to use. We are very happy with monycloud.